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A Dental Boutique in the Heart of St. Albert

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We are a full-service clinic offering the latest in dental technology to make your visits as comfortable as possible.




Dr. Melonie MacDonald is a dentist with a clear understanding of many of the issues that children, adults, and seniors have around dental appointments. Dr. Mel, as her patients and co-workers call her, has created a welcoming, warm, and open environment that puts these anxieties to rest.

Dr. Melonie MacDonald
Edge Technology


If you're looking for a dental crown, you might be wondering what your options are. Traditional dental crowns can take weeks to receive, but with CEREC technology, you can get your crown in just one appointment...

Cita Dental Clinic


A Little About Us

At Citadel Dental, our focus is on providing patients with the dentistry services they need in order to have the smile they have always wanted. This starts by getting to know our patients and understanding their dental health history and concerns. We work closely with each of our patients to create a customized treatment plan that not only addresses any current dental health issues, but helps to prevent future problems through regular checkups, timely dentistry services, and personalized dental care. As a dental clinic in St. Albert, we offer services for the whole family. Using the latest in state-of-the-art dental diagnosis and technology, we provide our customers with a positive experience with every visit.

Citadel Dental: A Family Dental Clinic in St. Albert

Citadel Dental is a newly-established dental clinic in St. Albert built around family dental care within a comfortable and classy atmosphere. We are an all female dental clinic in St. Albert whose team is dedicated to accommodating the individual needs of each patient that comes to see us. If you are looking for family dentistry services in St. Albert we would love to be your clinic! Some of our standard dentistry services include, same-day crowns, cleanings, root-canals, extractions, and dental implants. We also have a variety of neuromodulator and dermal filler treatments if you are looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Dental Care Clinic in St. Albert

St. Albert is home to many local dentists, if you are searching for the best dentist in St. Albert it can be hard to sort through so many great options. We are a St. Albert dental clinic rooted in the pursuit of high quality dentistry and excellent atmosphere. Recently, there has been a surge in searches for "dental hygiene clinic St. Albert" but if you're looking for more inclusive and comprehensive care, you won't be disappointed by our full service clinic. We strive to provide our patients comfort, trust, and quality dental care at Citadel Dental. Our clinic is owned and operated by female dentist Dr. Melonie MacDonald. Dr. MacDonald has many years of experience in the dental industry under her belt, and the entire clinic holds her same values of integrity and compassion. Searching for the best female dentist in St. Albert can be daunting task, and while we can't claim the title, we do find that our unique approach of delivering Dr. MacDonald's clear vision for oral health in a spa-like environment makes dental appointments a little less intimidating.

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