We pride ourselves in providing exceptional dental care for the whole family through each and every phase of life!

From regular checkups & cleanings, to crowns, fillings, Invisalign and maybe even some reduction in smile lines and wrinkles - we've got you covered!


Our team is also your go-to when emergencies arise - we can help you manage with medication, root canal treatments, or extractions. We are here to help!

Hygiene Care

Hygiene Care is an essential part of your overall oral health. Our hygiene team makes it a priority to communicate your current status and work with you to put in place a preventive plan that fits you and your needs. Our goal is to have patients that are educated and empowered to take control of their oral condition, no matter what the unique, individual situation is.

Bring Your Kids!

Thanks to the advances in home oral care many kids can go through childhood without ever having a cavity!

A mix of brushing, flossing, check-ups, teeth cleaning and pit and fissure sealants on the hard to clean places on the teeth have all been a significant part of this success.

Early detection is key and our team is ready to work with their individual needs to make sure your kids have a positive experience at the dentist :)


Crowns on adult teeth offer a solution to large, failing or broken fillings and modern dental materials are both durable and nearly undetectable to the naked eye. Crowns bind the tooth together so it can function as it should. They are also made to improve appearance of a discoloured or misshapen tooth.


For missing teeth we now have many options too; from implants, bridges, partial and complete dentures - Whatever your age or stage we can help.



Clear aligners are a popular way to straighten out teeth and improve biting function.

We can get you on your way to your #smilegoals with Invisalign. It’s an outstanding option for simple correction of crooked or rotated teeth.

Free consultations are available to see if you are a candidate.


Fillings have come a long way from the traditional silver metal.  Most back teeth can now be restored with very strong composite material that is strong, durable and aesthetically-pleasing.

Digital Imaging

Digital X-rays are an important part of a complete diagnosis. As professionals we enjoy the increased visible detail and diagnostic information available to us with this leading edge technology. It also makes it easier to describe and communicate conditions and solutions to patients ;)

Botox & Fillers

We provide neuromodulators (botox) and dermal fillers! If you are looking to improve the appearance of smile (or frown) lines we can help! Consultations are free :)

Digital Impressions

No more goopy impressions at citadel dental!! We know everyone hates having to bite down on trays so we've invested in some cutting edge dental tech to make your visit more comfortable.